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Bioidentical Hormones For Women: What It Is And How Will It Help?
26 Nov 2020

Hormone replacement therapy is a type of medication that contains female hormones or estrogens. It is injected into your body to replace the estrogen, which your body stopped producing during menopause. The therapy is used for treating menopausal symptoms like vaginal discomfort and hot flashes. The bioidentical hormones for women are provided through a reputed wellness center. The doctors are highly-experienced and qualified in delivering this therapy to their patients. 

How will the bioidentical hormone therapy help?

When you opt for the therapy of bioidentical hormones for women, then it will help you manage a healthy lifestyle and manage the menopause hot flashes efficiently. Apart from treating hot flashes, the therapy will also help in treating other menopause symptoms like memory loss, weight gain, loss of interest in sex, night sweats, and mood swings. 

The therapy is ideal for you if you have diabetes and reduce the risk of cataracts and tooth loss as well. Also, if you have experienced cancer treatments, which have affected estrogen levels, then with the help of this therapy you can magnify your quality of life and general well-being.

How to take bioidentical hormone therapy?

Bioidentical hormone therapy is taken in the form of injection, creams, gel, patches, and implanted pallets. No matter which way you want to take the therapy, make sure you consult with your doctor as he/she can recommend the correct way of taking the therapy. You will be monitored, regularly once you begin the therapy, which will evaluate your body’s response. Whatever your doctor suggests or recommends you about the therapy, you must follow it properly. 

Important things to know about laser lipo

The laser lipo Arlington VA is a non-invasive lipo laser body sculpting and contouring system. It utilizes 10-pads, and each of them contains 25-diodes, which admits to a wavelength of 635nn. The laser-lipo process relies solely on laser energy rather than incision to slim your body. 

When the doctor places the pads with diodes on the skin, the laser energy penetrates down into the fat cells and makes small holes within their membranes. It will enable the fat cells to release all their stored water, fatty acids, and glycerol into the body and then shrinks, which results in losing fat. 

Who is eligible for laser lipo?

The number of candidates for laser lipo is pretty smaller than the traditional liposuction as the process is not ideal for excessive weight loss. If you are 25-pounds over your actual weight, in good health and have excellent skin elasticity, and are more concerned with the problem areas than weight loss, then you can opt for the procedure. 

You will feel pretty relaxed during the laser lipo process, and it will take around 10 to 20-minutes for it completely. Before you opt for the laser lipo, make sure you get accurate information about your doctor and whether or not it is right for you. 

The takeaway!

When you get in touch with the most trusted wellness center, you will receive high-quality treatments when it comes to laser lipo or bioidentical hormone therapy. The doctors and staff of the wellness center will provide you with their 100% assistance and help you receive a service that improves your health effectively.


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