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The CDEI and Flexible Funds Framework – Under one umbrella
30 Nov 2010
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We decided to bring both the CDEI and Flexible funds under the one umbrella and call the program the Community Recovery and Wellbeing Program.  The program introduces a coordination model, which includes:

-Community Engagement (at its centre)

-Awareness and Education

-Connection, Coordination and Collaboration 

-Preparation, Reconstruction and Recovery Systems and

-Program innovations


The program is explained and supported by the

-The Community Recovery and Well-being Program and

- Flexible Funding Guidelines Summary and the Project Proposal Template.


Spreading the word

To date we have presented to

 the Cooloola Partnerships Against Domestic and Family Violence,

- the Cooloola Human Services Network Committee (CHSN);  

- the Cooloola Human Services Network(CHSN); 

- The Local Community Support Sub Committee and  

- Facilitated a meeting of the Cooloola Disability Interagency Network Meeting and

- Will be visiting the Kandanga Community on Tuesday and attending a meeting at Woolooga Hall on Tuesday night.


To ensure that each community group is receiving the same information about the program, Michelle provides a copy of the materials and goes through the same power point presentation which introduces Gympie’s program.  To date, the presentation, materials and approach adopted by Gympie Regional Council has been broadly welcomed.     


A copy of the presentation and all relevant materials have been attached in PDF format. Should you wish to obtain word or PowerPoint formats, please send Michelle an email.  


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