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Introducing Bubble
30 Nov 2010
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The Coordination model has morphed into a program ‘Mascot’ and her name is 'Bubble'. 

 ‘Bubble’ will be getting out and about and making appearances in different interesting and surprising settings.  It is likely that Bubble will become a board or iphone game character, a story book or cartoon star or even a cuddly toy.  We will just have to wait to see how our community’s choose to adopt and celebrate their connection with her.

Bubble has already started her own Crew.  At public meetings she invites attendees to join her Crew and invites them to participate in a resilience mapping activity.  This involves two quite simple tasks– called the ‘Resilience Meaning Map’ and ‘Bubbles H Map’.  This activity is in its early days, and it is hoped that the information gained here can form the beginning of local mapping and benchmarking discussions.    

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