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Just One Less HOME screen opening - evaluation
24 Jun 2011
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Hiromi Tango conducted a three week-long workshop from June 17 to create a special screen from objects donated by the community based on what ‘home’ means to them, including clothes, toys, beads, photos, mementos, handcrafts. 

The Home theme was developed during June in conjunction with the alcohol theme, serving as an antidote that involved parents and community role models, encouraging resilience in young people through understanding, and by instilling values and building trusting relationships with them. Hiromi’s workshops were held in an empty shop in the town centre and were open to the entire community. Young people from the community and school groups all participated. Portraits were taken of participants when in workshops and then these portraits were projected onto the screen each evening during June.

 The public was able to observe this installation from the street at all times of the day and night.

Art Community Culture Education Health Innovation Rural/Regional
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