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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Allergy Immunotherapy Billing
3 Mar 2021

By outsourcing your allergy testing billing, (typically) you save a bunch of money as you won’t have to invest in office infrastructure, medical billing software and the salaries of added staff.  Always keep in mind, qualified billing companies have a cost-effective way of getting claims accepted by insurance providers. Overall, the well-timed submission of claims boosts your revenue.

Whether or not your practice should outsource billing services is a question that quite a few medical practices before you have asked. Some say, under your own nose is where medical billing should reside, but that’s not automatically the case. Many medical providers manage their billing processes in-house only to have denials slip through their fingers, payments going unpaid, and an ever more annoying administrative responsibility facing them.

Our certified team is on hand to deliver total management of immunotherapy medical billing, from claims submissions to payment posting to coding with steadfast support along your entire path.

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