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Anastasios Koularmanis In The Role Of Teacher And Principal
30 Mar 2021

Anastasios Koularmanis, and his wife Anastasios Koularmanis Mary are deeply rooted with their Greek-American traditions. They are bringing up their two beautiful sons in the state of New Jersey. Koularmanis is trying to make his family a perfect example of Greek American family by teaching their important lessons about life, family values and about their Greek heritage and traditions. He had also learnt about family values, history, traditions and many more important lessons in life from his own family where he was born.

Anastasios Koularmanis was born in Toronto, Canada, however when he was born, the family had to relocate to New York. So he grew up in American culture surrounded by family members who were deeply rooted with their Greek traditions and heritage. His father had taught him about the importance of child nurturing and sacrifices. He had understood from an early age that people who nurture children and also make time to time sacrifices to provide for them are the people who contribute the most to their communities. He also aspired to become a teacher in future and wanted to help his community, so that he feels success in terms of satisfaction from life. In fact, monetary success is not important in the Koularmanis family.

Higher education and more

Anastasios Koularmanis had received his English education from Queens College and completed the Bachelor's degree course in 1992. After graduation, he started teaching in various schools but also completed his post-graduation degree in Secondary Education from Queen’s College again. While teaching in various schools, he had developed an interest in exploring the administrative departments in various schools. So, he went forward with getting an Administration and Supervision degree from Queens College. All this while, he was teaching in various public schools, however after completing his Administration and Supervision course, he found a brilliant opportunity in the prestigious Saint Demetrios Greek American School System. The decision to transfer from the public sector to a private education system, was fully supported by his wife Anastasios Koularmanis Mary. In his family life, monetary values have less importance than life values and community service. 

In fact Mary is of the opinion that Koularmanis’s decision to serve his own community for more than 20 years shall serve as a valuable model for his two sons who are growing up in an American neighborhood. It would prove worthwhile because they will find solace in their own community and will be able to grow up into skillful individuals who could also help the community in times of crisis.

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