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Producer Confidential Set to Alter the Face of Hip Hop and EDM With Exclusive Sound Pack Release
3 Apr 2021

Dance music producers worldwide are gearing up for the hot release of sound packs by Producer Confidential. Producer Confidential are a group of veteran producers and sound engineers from around the world,with decades of knowledge and experience between them. Although they’ve been providing industry insiders with sounds and samples for years and have been at the forefront of electronic music production and have collectively decided to bring their elite selection of pristine samples to the general public. 

Many home producers waste precious hours searching through endless unorganized folders of sounds that they hope will blend into their arrangements. Getting bogged down browsing through endless sample packs not only stifles creativity but can also wear your ears and drain your creative energy. 

Every PC membership grants you a seamless pack of the absolute best EDM samples. From chunky bass bits and thunderous kicks to juicy synths and the tastiest sweeps and risers, the PC sound packs are designed to give you instant access to your very own selection of top of the range sounds.  

Producer Confidential consists of a team with a range of influences, from future-bass and house to trance and techno. The majority of modern dance music in the modern era blends a broad scope of styles, and the PC team has worked tirelessly to ensure they bring together the very best from each of their respective worlds to compile a one-of-a-kind arsenal to help you create that next timeless dance floor anthem. 

The team amassed their sounds using top-of-the-line analog gear, from classic synthesizers and sound processors to ground-breaking modern gear like the 

Gamechanger Motor Synth and Plasma Rack, 4ms Spectral MB Resonator, Rosso Electro Panharmonium, Synthesis Technology Cloud Terrarium,Intellijel Modular, and much more

You're probably thinking it’s going to cost you a small fortune to buy all these top-of-the-range soundpacks, and rightfully so. Collecting these samples should cost anyone a few million dollars. However, for the price of a single membership, you get full access to the entire exclusive PC collection.

Producer Confidential has included a few bonus packs along with your membership to boost your beat-making artillery. With every membership, you automatically get three insane packs (Perfect Progressions, Million Dollar Sound Design, and Drum Magic) completely free of charge. Each pack contains a unique set of professional-grade sounds that you can add to your personal toolkits to create masterful, heart-stopping arrangements.

The mission of Producer Confidential is to keep you in “The Zone” creatively, by saving you time and energy with sounds that are ready out-of-the-box. So if you’re a music creator making EDM of any genre and you and you want a way to consistently drop high-energy danceable grooves, go to ProducerConfidential.com



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