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Choosing a Commercial High-Pressure Water Cleaner
8 Apr 2021

The cleaning equipment has been advanced with the use of water technology. There are many different types of water pumps used in the cleaning machines. The high-pressure water pumps can be purchased from https://www.ablesales.com.au/power-equipment/diesel-electric-pressure-washers/ at the best quality and affordable prices. The commercial high-pressure water pumps use high power capacity motors to operate efficiently at high speed. There are many benefits of using commercial high-pressure water cleaners. But the increasing number of manufacturers and dealers can confuse the buyers to select the right one. Here is a complete guide to select the right set of water pumps for commercial usage. 

Identify the purpose

Commercial high-pressure water pumps are used in many places. People use these cleaners for cleaning automobiles. They are used by many industries such as automobile manufacturing and servicing unit, construction site, garages, iron and steel manufacturing units, at railway stations, or airports. The different types of motor capacity id required to fulfill the different industrial purposes. An automobile manufacturing industry will require a high-pressure water cleaner with high water flow. Whereas a steel plant will need a high-pressure water cleaner with low water flow. Understand the purpose of purchasing commercial water cleaners. There are different power capacity water cleaners available with the topwater cleaning machine dealers. Look for the right model suitable for the right industry. 

Look for the brand

Commercial water cleaners are available with many dealers. But the brand of the eater cleaner plays an important role. Domestic water cleaners can be purchased without much research and information as compared to commercial cleaners. The commercial cleaners should be purchased after complete research and knowledge. The commercial cleaners should be purchased with the top and trusted brands to avoid failures and short usage life. The investment in commercial water cleaners is a long-term investment. Also, it costs much as compared to the domestic cleaners. Therefore, look for known and trusted brands. 

Know about the pump type

The pump used in the cleaners can be made of steel, copper, brass, or other metals. But it is suggested that the pumps made of brass should be purchased. Brass as the metal will avoid rusting when it gets in contact with the water. It is easy to put a waterproof sheet on it to avoid rusting. The use of brass metal makes the pump stronger and increases the life of the pump. A good quality pump increases the overall life of the cleaning system. It reduces the need for frequent repairs and replacements. Check out the material used in manufacturing the pump before its purchase. Also, do remember that the type of metal to be used for manufacturing the pump depends on the purpose of its use, In general, the brass mump should be preferred. 

Use of Solid Ceramic Pistons

The solid ceramic piston is used in commercial high-pressure water cleaners to reduce the chances of corrosion. Corrosion is a common problem in water cleaners. It is impossible to avoid the deposition of water droplets inside the pipes and cleaning channels. Therefore, the channels and the internal tubes of the water cleaner should have ceramic pistons to avoid damage. The water droplets can cause corrosion in the pipelines. It will reduce the shelf life of the water cleaner as well as increase the repair and replacement expense. Read the guidelines and content detail of the water cleaners. Compare the composition and models available for you. And select the right water cleaner for your organization. 

Select diesel operated engines

The commercial water cleaners are available with electric, petrol, and diesel washers. The type of power used in the washers is a very important element in deciding the capacity and the pressure speed of the engine. It is recommended to use diesel-operated engines. Many reasons are supporting the statement. The diesel-operated engines are known for the highest power generation capacity of any other type of power technology. The diesel water pumps are abundantly available and are the most trusted and reliable power source by the industry. It is very easy to resell the diesel water pumps as they are always in high demand by the industrialists. The diesel washers will easily generate high water pressure needed by many commercial units. 

Select the size of the diesel washers

The water cleaners are available in different sizes. The size affects the engine capacity and pressure units. When choosing a high-pressure washer, you actually need to select the engine with a washer pressure of more than 15000PSI. So, one of the key things over which the manufacturers should focus is the size needed by them. An operator first needs to calculate the power capacity requirement of their industry. Based on the cleaning and power requirement, they should select the right high-pressure washers. A wrong size water cleaner will increase the cost of maintenance of the industry. It will also affect the production and operation capacity of the organization. 

Evaluate two main specifications

The high-pressure washers' quality depends on two main specifications. These two main specifications are PSI i.e. pounds per square to know the pressure generated by the pump engine. Secondly, check the flow rate offered by the different washer sets. Compare the PSI and flow rate of different models. You can also prepare a chart comparing these two specifications with the need and requirements specifications of the industry. A need and specification matrix is prepared by the operators to evaluate the right washer cleaner. Take your time in evaluation, but decide wisely.


The use of washer cleaners is continuously increasing. Many industries are heavily dependent on diesel washer cleaners. The use of diesel to operate the washer pumps is preferred by the countries and industries in favor of the sustainable source of power generation. The high-pressure commercial water pumps should be chosen after proper research and care. Read more about the specifications, features, and types of high-pressure washer pumps. Ask from the experts and the old operators of the water pumps for commercial use. It will help you in choosing the right model for your commercial use. 

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