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Corangamite RLF Bret Ryan
13 Dec 2011

About my Region

The Corangamite region comprises 13 340 sq km of South Western Victoria and is home to a population of 333 000 people predominately located in the Geelong and Ballarat. The region as a whole is defined by the aggregation of its four river basins, Moorabool, Barwon, Lake Corangamite and the Otway coast. Agriculture dominates Corangamite's land use pattern of principally dairy and wool production.

Issues affecting Landcare in my Region

·         Increasing Sustainable Farming Practices; soil health and productivity.

·         Landscape-scale Management.

·         Land-stewardship and Farm Planning.

·         Regional mapping and data collation.

Contact: bret.ryan@ccma.vic.gov.au

Bret Corangamite landcare RLF Ryan
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