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Yalanda to Coast Soil MBI
13 Dec 2011
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Over 50 landholders are using a market based instrument to implement a soil based management project to maintain and improve soil conservation by establishing soil erosion reduction agreements with private landholders for a period of 3 years.

In conjunction with consultants we developed a project that provides advice and incentives to landholders to achieve:

·           Reduction in erosion risk in both the short and long term by maintaining soil cover levels through improved grazing management

·           Farming systems that better reflect land capability

·           Increased farmer capacity to manage dry seasons

·           More resilient farming systems with greater flexibility to respond to changing climatic conditions


Techniques which can be used to increase soil surface cover through the program may include:

  • Changing stocking regimes
  • Using temporary fencing for cell grazing and to protect fragile soils
  • Using containment feed lots
  • Planting cereal rye into stubbles and fragile areas
  • Re-positioning watering points
  • Revegetation with suitable endemic species
  • Use of perennial pastures
  • Fencing off remnant vegetation
  • Clay spreading and delving

All Participants have had an increase in soil cover over the period of being involved with the project

Questionnaires have been sent to successful and unsuccessful participants to seek feedback about the scheme and the majority have found the project ad process an effective tool in soil conservation so far.

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