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A methodology for determining the role of arts in rural resilience
16 Dec 2011

Abstract: Many consider the arts vital for communities dealing with social, environmental,and economic change. The potential for the arts to be utilised in this way is of particular interest in rural Australia, as some commentators claim that rural Australia is in decline. The biggest criticism of research within this field is the limited empirical evidence and lack of rigorous examination on this topic. In the absence of reliable empirical research, securing funding and policy support for the arts in this context is extremely difficult. This paper examines the issues and challenges of developing an evidence base for determining the role of the arts within communities. Within the context of my own research on the role of the arts in the social wellbeing of rural communities, the issues and challenges of measurement are examined, including the limitations of both qualitative and quantitative approaches, possible solutions, and future directions.

Art Community Culture Rural/Regional evaluation impact methodology research resilience
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