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13 Jun 2021

Hello! Let me first introduce myself. I am Kari Nokela, a physicist,

originally from Finland. I have a strong complementary therapies

background as an ayurvedic practitioner, but also some knowledge

on conventional medical studies. With experience in both the

fields, I find it easy to write about and discuss the closing gap

between the eastern and western health approaches. The special

target county of this most creative text is the United States. (To

be precise, I use terms like CAM, complementary and alternative

medicine, holistic healing, integrative approach to health, natural

health care , ethnomedicine and other similar terms existing in

literature as synonyms. I am a man who likes simplicity.) A heart

rate monitor system integrates holistic health care, i.e. so-called

“belief treatments” within the same basic origin when we study the

HRV ( Heart rate variability ) of electrocardiogram of heart muscle.

Many of the parameters kept in the lips receive a medically more

acceptable explanation. I have set the task of explaining the benefits

and science of CAM to every medical influencer and politician.

(Notice: I do not sell Vedapulse but just use it.)

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