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Water Stories
10 Jan 2012
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A collection of 25 stories written during field research in The Pilliga - in dialogue with nature about the future of water in context of coal seam gas mining.


These stories will be used as part of the Masters of Arts Research thesis as well as stimulating a dialogue with guest collaborator's:



Leah Barclay http://leahbarclay.com/


Van Thanh Rudd http://www.van-thanh-rudd.net/


Abigail Doan http://www.neoimages.net/artistportfolio.aspx?pid=938  


Gayil Nalls http://gayilnalls.com/home.html


Kathryn Brimblecomb-Fox


Bridget Nicholson http://touchthisearthlightly.com/


Jonathan Burrill - Magician


Art Environment storytelling
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