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Glenn French
15 Feb 2012
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Hi my name is Glenn French. I am member of the People’s Budget Campaign of the Vermont Workers’ Center. After serving in the U.S. Navy I worked for the city of Montpelier for 29 and a half years. My family and I are trying to survive on my pension and social security. The cost of fundamentail needs like food, fuel, housing, and healthcare keeps going up but my fixed income is still just that- fixed. This means we are under a lot of stress and I can barely sleep because I am worried about my family.  When there is not enough I have to make choices between things like fuel and food. When we are making the budget, why do we ask the working people to give things up, instead of the people who have enough? Vermonters are no longer fooled by the myth that we have to wait for benefits to “trickle down” from the wealthier people. Our government has an obligation to ensure our human rights, and thats why I am here to call for  People’s Budget.

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