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Flood Recovery Service Provider Group Created
22 Feb 2012
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The reference group have been successful in identifying gaps, planning and actioning the idea of additional counseling services to the area. The next step of the group was to recommend the idea of forming a service provider group specific to the flood recovery. The rationale behind the group would be to

·         All flood specific practitioners to network with other service providers working in the area

·         Ensure all areas of the region were being engaged

·         Opportunity to establish a referral pathway

·         Identify the gaps in the existing services delivery of the area.

Since this idea was flagged by the Reference Group there has been further staff employed with agencies to provide flood specific work. These include, The Recovery and Resilience Team with Queensland Health and two Salvation Army counsellors travelling from Rockhampton.

The first meeting of the year was held today with six service providers attending. The outcome this meeting was the concern over the lack of self care for staff involved in flood recovery. The group is braining storming activities that may address this problem.

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