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CFI Information Workshops in NAR, WA
27 Feb 2012

The Northern Agricultural Catchments Council in collaboration with the Australian Carbon Traders recently held 10 CFI workshops for farmers, land managers and local authorities across the region on the 13th - 17th of February. One hundred and ninety eight participants attended, including 167 farmers, 12 local authorities reps and 19 NRM professionals. Feedback forms were completed by the majority of participants, and about 70% indicated they gained a significant increase in knowledge in the CFI as a result of the workshops.

The aim of these workshops is to provide participants with information about the CFI and what it means for them as individuals in terms of farm practice, the mechanics of the market and how to go about accessing some of the opportunities created by the CFI and carbon farming.

These workshops were funded by the Australian Government CFI communication program through the RLF project.

For more information about the CFI and how to participate in and benefit from the opportunities created by the CFI and carbon farming, please visit www.nacc.com.au or call us at 08 9938 0100.

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