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Fundraising BBQ - March 2 2012
10 Mar 2012
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Our BBQ fund raising activity was held on Friday 2nd March.  With the help of the Kokoda Spirit team and their supporters as well as some specially recruited sales people (including: Linda La Hood; Emma Anderson; and Rhiannon Finnane) we managed to sell 230 tickets, resulting in $2,300 going to our charities.


The day was a typical Sydney 2012 summers day (ie: it rained and rained some more!) but luckily for us Level 22 was partly covered and people were able to stay dry while enjoying their lunch with workmates.  Ed Bosworth took the opportunity to wear his hiking boots and confirmed they were waterproof, while another member of the trekking team confirmed they could eat enough to sustain a mornings hike (the excuse to have a lunch of two rolls with four sausages doesn’t come around that often!!)


Big thanks to those who participated and to National Catering Service for helping to subsidise the event.

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