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How$martKY - Energy Efficiency for Everyone
21 Mar 2012
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This Making Connections video takes a look at How$martKY, a pilot program led by the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED) and four rural electric cooperatives in eastern Kentucky. Bruce Aaron Davis from Big Sandy RECC and Chris Woolery from MACED conduct an energy audit at the home of Garland and Judith Howard in Johnson County, KY to determine where leakage is occurring, how it can be corrected, and what it will cost. They explain that through How$martKY the Howards can reduce energy use, pay for the improvements with the money saved on their power bills, and that Big Sandy RECC will act as general contractor to ensure the work gets done correctly. Over time How$martKY and other programs like it will save Kentucky consumers money, reduce energy use, lessen the need for the energy coops to build costly new power plants, and provide jobs in energy efficiency/clean energy businesses. Check out www.makingconnectionsnews.org for more stories about creating a diversified economy and healthy communities in Appalachia.

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