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Creative Recovery Pilot Project Qld - Key Findings - April 2012
23 Apr 2012
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The Pilot mid report key findings are based on community consultation and relate to over arching coordination for the Creative Recovery Pilot Project. 

The Core team used the Pilot inquiry framework as a questioning and analysis device.  Most of the information we gathered during our many trips, meetings, phone and email conversations continued to reinforce the same issues emerging either across the three communities or in specific communities. There were also some common observations that could be garnered from media, local reporting, visibly within the community and from being in the communities.

The team has analysed all of this information over the past several months and the Creative Resilience Alliance has also spent time reading and reflecting on the material. We also provided various opportunities for everyone we spoke to to approve the notes from their particular conversation. This provided further conversation topics and reflections from community members and artists themselves.

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