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Carnival of the Here & Now
23 Apr 2012
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The Carnival of the Here & Now is an intimate exchange of high art and high care in N/W Tasmania.  In the tradition and philosophy of the carnivalesque - Magicians, Bodypainters, Puppeteers, Circus Acts, Belly Dancers, Escapologists, Caricaturists, Painters and Maestros suspend time in an aged care facility and celebrate life in the here and now as being full of constant possibility.  With surprise and delight on their side, two worlds collide in an arts experiment that aims to relieve apathy, provoke memory and stimulate joy in sufferers of high care and dementia related diseases.  The strength of this project is the belief that art and culture should be part of our everyday, at any stage of life and that there are social inclusion strategies with a non-clinical approach to care that can benefit both residents, family members and staff.  Here & Now is  an ongoing partnership with Island Care Tasmania.  The film was directed and produced by Andrew Del Vecchio (Doublecc Media) and Chris Mead (Artistic Director, Creature Tales)

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