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Ipswich Community Arts Hub and Arts Corps
1 Nov 2011
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As an overarching reflection around the resilience of the arts community is their capacity to be able to gather, generate collaborative ideas and to have stable spaces within which to work.  

A major learning from disaster recovery is the understanding that if communities & artists had a space and a active functional network that offered them a safe, engaged and responsive relationship prior to the disaster this became a major connector for them post disaster. 

We will be supporting Ipswich Artists to solidify their artists network toward sharing of support, respurces and creative visioning.  We will also support the long term aim of establishing a whole of community creative hub.

Ipswich Artists envisage that the arts hub would be a multi-dimensional facility; an artist-led centre of creative and social interactivity reflective of community needs and aspirations – placing community at the centre of contemporary practice and encompassing all aspects of the creative arts. The arts hub would be both a physical space for people to gather and a nucleus for creative activity, building strong creative leadership and dynamic cultural citizenship. Users of the arts hub would have a shared vision linking into shared resources and programming.

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