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Cardwell Foreshore - Art + Place
1 Nov 2011
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The creative communities across the regions have long identified the lack of understanding about and presence of public art within the region as a major concern, both as a showcase for local artists and the development of a sense of place and community creativity.  There seems to be little conversation within Local Government around the benefits of public art strategies.

Reconstruction offers the community the opportunity to re-engage with place making which represents the community’s identity and its relationship to its environment.  Issues around maintenance and disaster resilient work open a whole new conversation within the recovery frame.

The Creative Recovery Pilot will work with Arts Queensland toward the aim of having Art and Place participation in State reconstruction Authority and Main Roads so that a broader understanding of community sense of place through public art can be incorporated into rebuilding of community public spaces.  The pilot will work with the Cardwell community to support the development of appropriate responses to current damaged work and the future of public space and the evolution of public art within their community.

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