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Tree of Happiness
31 Jan 2012
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The creative communities across the regions have long identified the lack of understanding about and presence of public art within the region as a major concern, both as a showcase for local artists and the development of a sense of place and community creativity.  There seems to be little conversation within Local Government around the benefits of public art strategies.

The pilot will support an ephemeral public art project within two Child Care Centres in the Lockyer region, that engages whole of community in the construction and realisation of a duel-part ephemeral work in response to the floods – with a focus on advocacy and showcasing the role of public art in the community cohesiveness and building of community identity and celebration.

 We will support brokerage to discuss options with artists for building a plan around public art engagement and to meet with local council to advocate for the role of public art within their region in connection with sense of place, tourism and economy.

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