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Cardwell 150th Anniversary of Settlement
30 Nov 2011
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A key date in the history of Cardwell, the 150th Anniversary, has the potential of being overlooked in the general recovery process.  It is a major milestone for the community and as such one around which all people can come together and collaborate toward a positive forward looking celebration of the strength and resilience of the community.  The community has been torn assunder by the cyclone and the reconstruction process, this could be a major healing process for the community.

The community requested support around the facilitation of whole of community workshop to develop united vision and plan for the community celebrations.  We established a steering group for community facilitation process and contracted Ellie Bock of RAIN, identified by the group as a strong local facilitator, to coordinate the connection with community groups and the facilitation of a planning day to establish a whole of community plan for the Anniversary year. 

We will work to ensure young people and diverse communities are connected into the decision making process.

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