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Mission Arts Come Together
30 Nov 2011
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Recent community consultations and discussions held by Mission Arts, as part of Cyclone Yasi recovery efforts, suggest that many community members feel there is a lack of suitable venues and opportunities for informal social gatherings. Research on community recovery following a disaster confirms that it is very important to provide opportunities for people to re-connect with each other to build individual and community cohesion.

One of Mission Arts goals is to make the new Arts Centre a welcoming place for all ages and all sectors of the community across the region. The Mission Arts Management Committee has developed this proposal as a response to perceived community needs and to fulfill its aspiration that Mission Art Centre offers arts and culture activities that meet a broad range of local needs and interests.

Mission Arts Come Together project is to pilot regular, informal social events at Mission Arts Centre. The Come Together Program will involve morning tea and an opportunity for people to socialise in the friendly and creative atmosphere of Mission Arts Centre. Each Come Together event will include a short, unstructured arts activity, short talk or facilitated discussion (see list below). People attending the event can choose to participate in the planned activity or to opt out of if they wish simply to continue informal social interaction. The Arts Centre will ensure that at each session there are dedicated spaces available for both the activity and for informal social interaction.

Emerging artists who facilitate an arts activity as part of Come Together will have the opportunity to develop their skills as teachers in an informal setting, thus broadening their experience as practicing artists and exposing their creative work to new audiences. Similarly, Mission Arts Centre volunteers will have opportunities to develop their skills and capacity by assisting with event organisation and management, as well as new opportunities for social connection.

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