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The Arty Party
30 Nov 2011
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Many of the community who were directly hit by the floods where those living outside the centralised Ipswich area.  There is an understanding that many of these communities do not access offered services as much of this activity is centralised to the city and they generally do not travel outside of their localised community.  In order to ensure these communities connect and actively engage with services and recovery support there is a need to ensure activity is offered within these local environments.

Ipswich artists have had a long-term interest in developing participatory arts programs for communities who live on the rim of the Ipswich city.  A broader recovery program was seen to be an opportunity to make these connections and to initiate arts programs with marginalised communities especially in this time of recovery. 

The Arty Party is a project where artists and community meet in a fun engaging manner, where community can vote on the workshop they would like to see offered in their own community.  Those artists with the highest votes will be supported to run these programs over a five week period. 

The communities where the Arty Party will take place are Goodna, Moores Pocket and Bundamba and the project will be facilitated by local producer Kerryanne Farrer.


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