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What does care look like?
31 May 2012
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It is identified that young people tend to mirror behaviour of parents with regard to coping mechanisms.  Often parents don’t tend to engage young people within the problem solving process of getting their family lives on track, thinking that they may not cope with this engagement.  This adds extraordinary stress to the development of inter-family relationships.

Across the three regions there was concern around the self care of community leaders – including teachers and parents.

Working in partnership with two local primary schools we will develop a social practice workshop program where the young children will engage in articulating there understandings about what it feels like to be cared for, how you can care for yourself and support others to self-care.  These will evolve into two events which parents from the alternative partner school will be invited to participate in.  The young people will present the event that will include a range of interventions that engage the adults in looking at the notion of self-care. The two adult groups will then be bought together to feed back to the young people what they gained from the experience.


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