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Youth Music Engagement and Leadership
31 Mar 2012
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There has been a lot of discussion around the need to develop youth led engagement post recovery, particularly as the voice of young people is very quiet within the recovery process generally.

There is evidence of a great deal of interest in music throughout the region and it is seen as a good starting point to be looking at ways of engaging young people and supporting them to develop ideas and responses to recovery.

The Pilot will support the presentation of a professional development/mentoring program for young people around music making in partnership with Mission Evolve Festival, Tully Support Centre, Innisfail PCYC, Qld Alliance and the CCRC.  This engagement will feed into the Mission Evolve Music Festival in Oct.

We will work with human to mentor local young emerging producer Patrick to link into and learn from the ‘Shockwave Festival’ as a successful model of youth led process.

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