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Creative Recovery considerations
24 Apr 2012
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  • We needed to differentiate ourselves from the broader community recovery work so focused specifically on working with artists, arts workers, venues, organizations, volunteers and cultural workers
  • The term Arts Corps was not embraced by people we engaged
  • Disaster’s exacerbate the issues already in existed for regional arts
  • Greater need for networking within community and across the sector
  • Arts sector not in a growth phase – where as the community development sector expanded significantly as a result of financial investment in the industry requirements
  • Timeframes have blown out
  • Visits to community have been increased tenfold due to the need for face to face contact
  • We trialed a range of decision-making processes as people so strongly told us they felt invisible in the broader decision making frameworks
  • Being really transparent about all material created by artists and community members and also getting permission for usage, as well as ensuring local people always own their own art works, images, data
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