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John Blunt
30 Apr 2012
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John Blunt owns a 650 acre ‘Merungie’ property near Lucknow. His goal is to sustainably and profitably produce ‘prime lambs’ for the local market. ‘Sustainability is all about improving the health and condition of our farmland,’ said John. ‘It’s about giving back and looking after the land.’ Like much of the land around Lucknow, ‘Merungie’ was extensively cleared for mining and agricultural development in the 20th Century. As a result of this, the property had suffered gully erosion, and a seriouslandslip occurred on a steep hill following the high rainfall years in the 1950s. John has carried out tree planting to protect sensitive areas, established windbreaks and wildlife corridors, limed acid soils, sowed perennial pastures and enhanced his native pasture areas with improved grazing management, in order to address these issues.

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