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Neil Cameron - Keynote Speaker
8 May 2012
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“I have worked to bring about social change through the arts…” Neil Cameron

Neil Cameron has been in the forefront of theatre and cultural development since 1973 and has directed and produced over two hundred major arts projects. He has lived and worked in Australia for 30 years but has also worked in the UK, Germany, Japan, Holland, Belgium, USA, New Zealand and several other countries.

He is a leading authority on festivals and cultural development, from both practical and theoretical perspectives. Neil has been a strong and vocal advocate for new developments in arts practice at every level from federal organisations to local councils and does frequent consultancies with arts and community organisations.

He obtains expert skills in collaboration, networking, information and learning exchange focusing on the benefit of the community, organisation, governments and individuals. He has provided opportunities for individual artists through mentorship in artistic and cultural development.

Neil has written and published three non-fiction books: Fire on the Water (Currency Press 1993), The Running and Stamping Book (Currency Press 1995), and Maleny Folk Festival (Mimburi Press 1995). He has recently finished his new book called “How the Arts can help save the world” that traces the importance of the arts in our lives and how it can transform our communities. He has a doctorate at the University of Tasmania on cultural development.

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