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The Arrival
8 May 2012

Based on the book: The Arrival by Shaun Tan 

ACARA Content Descriptors

Grade 7


Responding to literature


Compare the ways that language and images are used to create character, and to influence emotions and opinions in different types of texts (ACELT1621) Interpreting, analysing, evaluating   Analyse and explain the ways text structures and language features shape meaning and vary according to audience and purpose (ACELY1721)  Concept Map: http://popplet.com/app/#/306542 Learning Experiences 1. Freeze Frame (Gestural Texts) In groups, students demonstrate their interpretations of scenes in the book using a freeze frame. For example, students can show the situation of leaving the family, arriving to the country off the ship, settling in with another family, looking for somewhere to stay and so on.   2. Graphic Diary (Linguistic Texts) As seen from the book, students work in pairs to imitate the character's difficulty and interaction with others by drawing images for communication. For example, showing images of a bed to an inn keeper for a place to sleep in and drawing images of food to ask shop keeper.   3. Hot Seat Interview (Audio texts) Students will take on a character from the book and build a character profile. They will be interviewed by peers and teacher about events from the book and how they felt about it. For example, the mother and daughter who are left back home.
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