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The boy, The bear, the baron and the bard
8 May 2012

Year 4/5 Learning Experiences

1. Sequencing the storyboard (Gestural, Spatial)

Students will each have a picture from the book and will use this visual representation to create a storyboard with the class.



2. Character Profile - character development (Auditory, Visual, Spatial, Gestural,linguistic)

Students will create an extra character for the book. They will then "become" the character using the hotseating/freeze frame strategies to explain their character and the characters role in the book.

3.  Create their own story (Visual, Auditory)

Students will create their own story and represent this using the comic format.





Curriculum Connections-  Make connections between the ways different authors may represent similar storylines, ideas and relationships (ACELT1602)

- Create literary texts by developing storylines, characters and settings (ACELT1794) 


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