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Valley School
11 May 2012

I was so proud to have attended the school along with all my sisters before me and other friends and family since early days , our family once lived at Wynn St The Valley from 1903 till 1953 as we had to vacate to move to Zilmere . my recollections ogf the Valley are still with me , walking to school each day was dicy crossing Ann/ Whickham Sts etc , walking past all the car dealers of the day ,one funny story was when my "mother took me to school in the start of the year 1950 She had no sooner left and then I followed her home ,so was returned asap , another memory was being hit by a car crossing the road to go to the small store there to get " lollies , at the time the railway bridge was barricaded half way so I had to walk out to the middle, then was struck by this sports car ,gladly no injury apart from a 5 yr old pride , another "funny" !! story was when the head teacher had a young lad up in front of the parade to inform that he was going to "wash"his mouth out for "swearing" which he did, boy can you imagine that today , so that smy story ,many good times ,Terry Murphy

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