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'Ties That Bind'
11 May 2012
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The ‘Ties that Bind’ project funded through the  Australia Council of the Arts Community Partnerships Creative Producer seeks  to explore the identity, culture and connection of the Kempsey community and its individuals through a series of arts based workshop programs that will work with the participants ,(residents, local  artists and emerging artists)  to develop  and produce stories, music, songs, dance and  visual art (icons and motifs), that reflect these ideas of community, cultural and personal identity.

  The project aims to encourage the   community to recognise that through the exploration of their own identity, culture and arts, the value of working together at a local level, the valuable role that the arts have in regeneration and as a tool for building healtheir communities and social capitol, while providing the opportunity for people to participate in working together to create their visions of a healthy and sustainable community through a creative, inclusive and reflective learning process that assists in telling important stories of individuals and communities, engendering pride, connectedness and a sense of belonging.

The project and project artists provide professional skills development while promoting social cohesion and building social capitol .The creative arts public outcomes promote dialogue and discussion around the themes of community identity as new techniques and ideas are introduced and embedded into the community. The project also provides a vehicle to build inter community partnerships with services, agencies and educational institutes

Project Artists will work alongside local artists who will be encouraged to continue to mentor emerging artists within the community and through a mentoring program, be provided with support and advice on funding and developing their own programs and to work with Slippry Sirkus on future projects in the region.

The project will work in collaborative partnerships and consultation

The exhibition outcome of the works produced will be exhibited across the Mid North Coast and in 2013  exhibited as an art installation in Sydney.

Project artists include international artist Diane Busuttil, an Australian choreographer and film maker based in Berlin who is working beside and mentoring Zahra Smith, Creative People Collective

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