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Mr Alan Moxey, Music Teacher
1 May 1948
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Alan Moxey, music teacher, was a regular visitor to the Fortitude Valley State Schools accompanied by pianist Nora Baird, also a music teacher. One past pupil states: "Mr Moxey moved us up the back with the 'croakers' when our voice broke. About six of us were under threat of dire penalties if we uttered a note. And rightly so. 

Mr. Moxey had this disconcerting habit of rolling his eyes up into his head when singing. You could only see the whites of his eyes. Still can`t remember any of the songs we sang. Anyone recall? What about 'Men of Harlech'? That rings a bell." 

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Comments (2)
Margaret Anthony Tue, 23 Apr 2013 9:03pm

Wow, I was a member of the Choir in the early 1960's.  I went to Mitchelton State School and can still remember being selected by Mr. Moxey.  Remember the Saturday mornings practice and Town Hall competitions.  I still have my grey gloves, beret and blazer pocket packed away.  Can also remember one trip to Bundaberg for an eisteddfod.  Wonderful memories.  Margaret Anthony née Young.


Ray Thurlow Thu, 25 Apr 2013 10:51pm

See also Nora Baird, pianist, (http://placestories.com/story/22865who accompanied Alan Moxey weekly to schools in the Brisbane area to instil in pupils the joy and appreciation of music.