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Stroke Alt Delete - An Online Community Art Project
21 May 2012
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What is Stroke Alt Delete?

“Stroke Alt Delete” is an innovative community 'online' art project that Mosaic Republic is running in partnership with the National Stroke Foundation. It is quite unique and experimental insofar as it uses various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to engage people to make important project decisions via information sharing, feedback and online voting.

So far we’ve had a great response and have achieved many milestones:

Project Name: Stroke Alt Delete (reflecting the online nature of the project and raising awareness of strokes).

Art Subject: Facebook fans suggested subjects that were later put to a vote. A “Colours of Australia” themed artwork was voted most popular.

Art Design: Facebook fans provided suggestions on what a “Colours of Australia” mosaic artwork should look like.

Collaborative Artist: The organisers used Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to advertise for an artist to collaborate and donate their talents and time, and to provide the design. Many artists responded to the call-out. The organisers chose a landscape painting by Victorian artist, Jan Davis, which captured the chosen “Colours of Australia” theme.

Now What?

Now the project is going ‘offline’! And we need materials to create the mosaic!

For the entire month of May we are searching for natural and recycled materials. This could include pebbles, driftwood, stones, brick shards, marble, glass, metals etc. The options are endless! Are there some small-unwanted bits and pieces lying around in your shed? We’ll take them! Heading to a park? Playing in the backyard? Ask your kids to find something special! It might be a single pebble that catches your or their eye.

And don’t forget that the theme is “Colours of Australia”, so look out for anything blue - purple - green - brown - grey - yellow - orange.

You can either post or drop off your materials to our new Hampton studio: Mosaic Republic, 5/427 Hampton Street, Hampton. VIC. AUSTRALIA. 3188

This mosaic artwork is going to be very special indeed! We currently have donated materials arriving from the UK, New York, Italy, Canada, Arizona, France and Turkey. All materials will be meticulously hand cut and assembled, transforming it into a striking artwork.

The artwork is predicted to take approximately 100 hours to create, and will measure approximately 90cm x 60cm.

The artwork will be auctioned at the National Stroke Foundation annual gala ball "Food For Thought" in Sydney, October 2012. The auction will be open to everyone, not just those attending on the night.

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