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Month of May Highlights
23 May 2012
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The month of May has been huge for us here in Gympie. 

Community Resilience as Peace Begins

The month was kicked off with the Peace Begins at Home Event on 3rd May, which originated from the successful DoC’s Act as One domestic and family violence prevention and awareness campaign.   The Peace Begins at Home event extended the message of personal safety to the theme of community connection, resilience and preparedness. 

Laughter Yoga

The introduction of Laughter Yoga on a large scale exceeded any notional picture of success, at all three separate event workshops.  With sixteen of the participants subsequently enjoying the second part of their intense Laughter Yoga Leader Training on Saturday the 5th May, Gympie Laughter Club continued to build its presence within the community at the Gympie Show on the 17th and 18th May 2012. 

The Gympie Show

The consolidation of the Gympie Get Ready Resilience Program was realised at the Gympie Show, with 80 percent of the Council Stand devoted to the Gympie ‘Get Ready’ Resilience Message.  Information about the role of the LDMG and Community Support Sub-Committee made the guest appearances made by ‘Bubble’ relevant and the Gympie Get Ready Resilience Toolkit was launched and made available on specifically deigned USB wristbands.   The “What’s the most important item in your emergency kit?” invited people to engage with Council’s targeted resilience messages and think about their answers to go into the draw to win one of the two emergency kits, made available as the prize.  

This months reporting also includes an update on the Gympie Get Ready Resilience Program, Women’s Wellness days and the Woolooga Community Club.

For ease of reference, all reports for this period will also be added as a single PDF. 


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Katie Edmiston Mon, 18 Jun 2012 3:50pm

Looks like another massive month of great stuff happening in Gympie - awesome work :)