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Establishing the Gympie Laughter Club
25 May 2012
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Experienced Laughter Yoga Facilitator and Coach, Carolyn Nicholson introduction of Laughter Yoga to the region was an overwhelming hit at the Peace Begin at Home event.  Over 30 people took part in each of the three laughter Yoga workshops held in the park throughout the day.  




A particular highlight was the unscripted involvement of the Endeavour Clients, who chose to spend their day out with us at the event.  So taken with the experience, two of the Endeavour Carer’s (Pat and Leola) signed up to participate in the Laughter Yoga Leader Training. 




The Laughter Leader Training consisted of an additional one-day intensive, which built on the experiences of the three sessions and was held the following Saturday.  Sixteen passionate women subsequently participated in the Leader training.  Participating in a mixture of workshops at the Gympie Show also formed a part of the Laughter Yoga Leader Training.  This was aimed at providing yet another layer to the laughter yoga leadership learning experience.




Supporting the establishment of the Gympie Laughter Club was a key outcome of the Program.  Now established, Gympie residents can look forward to participating in Laughter Yoga at Memorial Park at 9am every Saturday Morning, Other clubs and special events are scheduled to commence around the region and in adjoining Shires.


 Those interested in participating are encouraged to look out for information updates on ‘Laugh out Loud Gympie’ Facebook Page to find out how to join in.   


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