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Meet Louise Daniels, an artist and art worker with Tangentyere Artists
24 May 2012
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I love making art, and all my family and the other artists and their families make art together – we all love being involved in Tangentyere Artists. It’s relaxing, it gives me a good feeling inside, and through Tangentyere Artists and Batchelor Institute I’ve learned a lot about different kinds of art making. I love making art together with the other artists in our new studio – it’s a shell at the moment, but thanks to Westpac Catalyst we’ll get proper furniture and set it up the way we need.

Late last year, I began to work at Tangentyere Artists as a studio worker, which I really love... painting, helping sort out supplies, cooking for all the artists, making sure they eat good food. I’ve had art worker training through Desart Inc. that looks after all art workers in Central Australia, and we’ve had some adventures, like taking ten of the senior artists out to Palm Valley and Hermmansburg Community west of Alice Springs to watch BigHart’s Namatjira Story.   I’ve also attended Industry events like the ‘The Same But Different’ Forum – a day that brought all sorts of Aboriginal artists together from across Central Australia, to talk to other people in the arts industry about what we do.

It feels great to see everyone coming together to make print designs and printing up their fabric. I love the printing process... I think the trials we’ve made already look really great. I really look forward to learning more about sewing using a machine. I love to sew. I’m really excited about being able to make clothes for me and my three boys, and for us to sell to everyone else.

I love different people coming into our studio, especially from other communities. We have had ladies from Nyirripi come and work with us, and have had visits from Martu families from Western Australia, and just other artists, like Sia Cox, our artist in residence, and her friend Ruby Green... we have a wonderful time together.

I would love to see my sons become art centre managers one day. I’d be really proud.

I think it would be great for Westpac staff to vote for Tangentyere Artists textile project so we can really make a go at setting up a complete range that we can sell for a long time to come – so we can go to that next level because I believe it will be a real success.


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