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100 Years of Our Family History
11 Jun 2012
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My Grandmother was born GERADA RUBY ELIZABETH FOLLINGTON on 12/11/1910 in Warwick, Queensland. She married my grandfather JOHN BENEDICT CAVANAGH in 1938. Prefers to be called Ruby and loved to dance and was an excellent seamstress, she has rode many times down the Toowoomba Range on a Harley Davidson Motorbike and was a very good shot with a rifle out the back of Tara. She also played tennis and hockey until she was 73. Ruby now lives at Algester Lodge and is 101 years old.

My Mother was born NITA JOSEPHINE CAVANAGH on 10/01/1939 in Dalby, Queensland. Nita married one month off her 17th birthday and her first child Tony Gurney was born on 06/06/1956, two miscarriages and then daughter Debra Ann Gurney was born on 24/02/1959 at the Royal Mothers Hospital in Brisbane. Nita then went to Auckland, New Zealand in 1970 and met Peter Griffiths, in 1972 the twins were born JASON DAVID GRIFFITHS and NICOLE KATHLEEN GRIFFITHS.

I was born NICOLE GRIFFITHS on 17/04/1972 in Auckland, New Zealand. I was the second twin born at 5lbs and we were only 5 minutes apart. My middle name/baptism came later when I was 11 years old as my mother Nita is a catholic and my father Peter was an Irish Protestant and he always believed we should be old enough to decide what faith to follow. My mother, brother and I moved over to Brisbane, when we were 13 in 1985. I married Alan Eames in 1999 and we have two children together, Shaylee and Jackson. Alan’s family has run a Signwriting business called JC Signs for over 35 years. Alan & I now run it and pride ourselves on being a long standing small family business.

My daughter SHAYLEE ROSE EAMES was born on 30/12/2001 at Sunnybank Private Hospital and attends Algester Primary currently in Year 6. My son JACKSON JAMES EAMES was born 21/11/2004 also at Sunnybank Private Hospital and is in Year 2 at Algester Primary School. Jackson was the first male Eames to be born in over 33 years and will now continue on the Eames family name.

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