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Remember Eternity: Book Sculptures for Recovery
14 Jun 2012
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I love books; old books, new books, but I have to let go of books - go on a journey, I could burn them, bury them, take them to the tip or I could transform them into art and farewell each one - and meditate as I go. This is my journey to clean the garage of books. I'm saying goodbye to cyclone damaged books. I begin my arts project to make sculptures. First Step: can I really cut into a book?..... Here goes.... What will I find in the process? ..........poignant words ...movement of thin strands, making of puzzles, small book can't provide a base... cut out figures from covers... issues of standing, brittle paper and how easily things blow in the wind on the veranda... This first journey is rough, unsophisticated but trends are emerging, and memories of the book will be there always...

Art Recovery Rural/Regional
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