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'Strong Women Shadow Boxes' at Cherbourg Ration Shed Museum
23 Jun 2012

The exhibition was a product of three days of workshops for twenty Cherbourg woman young and old, facilitated by Carol Low ( a community worker with expertise in commemorative processes for those who have difficult stories to tell) and Katina Leedie (a Cherbourg youth worker). Curated by Carol Low and designed by Peter Trail, the exhibition displayed a moving film of the process and the shadow boxes created by Cherbourg women as tributes to the strong women who gave them inspiration and hope. The Boys Dormitory was packed with participants and supporters and filled with music, laughter and pride. A performance of Cherbourg Girl by Lillian Gray brought the house down and many to their feet and young and old shared their memories. The inspiring project was funded by the Indigenous Women’s Program- Indigenous Co-ordination Centre at the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

Indigenous Rural/Regional Aboriginal Cherbourg Commemmoration Museum Pride rationshed Resilience women
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