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Theatre Raising Awareness of Missing People
23 Jun 2012
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Theatre Raising Awareness of Missing People (T.R.A.M.P.) is a project funded by Arts Queensland that involves the medium of theatre in raising awareness of missing people and the consequences for individuals, families and communities. Description - The TRAMP 'Package' includes opportunities for engagement with one or all of the elements listed: The theatre production of The Disappearances Project by the highly renowned performance company Version 1.0 - Post-performance Q&A sessions - Research surveys about going missing and the impact of The Disappearances Project - Training arrangements can be made for workshops exploring missingness, ambiguous loss and disenfranchised grief - An information kit containing useful links and resources - Engagement with the local community to build connections amongst existing and potential support service providers - Masterclass workshops conducted by Version 1.0 for students, academics and industry practitioners If you require any further information please contact us via email: Dr Julie Clark – j.clark@griffith.edu.au Miff Trevor (social work student) – miff.trevor@griffithuni.edu.au

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