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Harvest Public Media
27 Jun 2012
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The news source airs stories on the state of agriculture, food safety, the environment and energy across the Midwest, and continues most conversations via television, podcasts, video, social networking sites, a blog, and other online venues. Harvest has six partner stations: KCUR, the lead station, based in Kansas City; Iowa Public RadioNET, facilitating public TV and radio networks statewide; KBIA in Columbia, Missouri.; High Plains Public Radio/KANZ in Garden City, Kansas; and Kansas Public Radio/KANU in Lawrence. Their mission reads as follows: 

Global demand for food and fuel is rising, and the push and pull for resources has serious ramifications for our country’s economic recovery and prosperity. Today’s emerging agenda for agriculture is headlined by energy and climate change, food safety, biofuels, animal production and welfare, human health, water quality, and local food systems. By examining these local, regional and national issues and their implications, Harvest Public Media seeks to create a rich multimedia resource devoted to food, fuel and field.

The station recently debuted a series entitled Farmer of the Future which considers how "technological, cultural and political forces are bringing immense change to those people who commit to building their lives around the land." The Art of the Rural reviewed the first dispatch in our May 2012 article.  

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