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28 Jun 2012
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The Cardwell Men’s Shed and the Cardwell Fun and Fitness for over 50’s had their open day on Sunday 17 June 2012 at the Lions Hall and sports oval, St. Albans Street, Cardwell.  The day was a complete success with many people and families attending.  Market Stalls, display stalls, vintage car’s display with performances by the Disability Dogs from the Tablelands, Tai Chi, Zumba and various local singers. Officials at the event were Bill Shannon, Andrew Cripps, Pauline Coffee (Qld Alliance), Glen Raleigh Councillor.

Feedback from the day was that it was a very well organised event suitable for the whole family.

Sponsors for both the Cardwell Men’s Shed and Cardwell Fun and Fitness are as follows:

·         Red Cross

·         Cardwell IGA

·         Queensland Alliance for Mental Health

·         Cardwell Lyons

·         Cassowary Coast Regional Council

·         Many more;

Cardwell Fun and Fitness for over 50”s is for both men & women. 

Men’s Shed is for men.

Both groups will run consecutively on Tuesdays & Thursdays 10am to 4pm.

Membership Fees:

  • Fun and Fitness for over 50’s is $10.00 Bi annual with a gold coin donation every time to cover tea and coffee..
  • Men’ Shed are $10.00 joining Fee & $20.00 Bi annual

 Fun and Fitness has fitness equipment to assist people to stay active and exercise with others in a friendly environment.

Tia Chi is also held.

Fun Activities are also available. Many games are available. (Table Tennis, Darts, Cards, Board Games Nitendo Wii games are just a few)

Cardwell Fun and Fitness’s Aim:

·         To have fun with others,

·         Get fit & stay active,

·         Create new friendships and strengthen community ties.

 Over fifties are invited to come along and have a fun and relaxing time and have a cupper.

Men’s Shed’s aims:

  • To creates new friendships
  • Builds new relations;
  • Men share skills;
  • Make small projects;
  • Mentor others; and
  • Strengthen community ties.

 It is a place for men to sit and talk freely to other men in a man’s shed environment.  

I have been meeting with both of these groups the last two months leading up to this opening day and supporting them in their journey. 

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