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The Joy of Laughter is a Program Highlight
28 Jun 2012
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Our work program of the past six months which included the Peace Begins at Home Event, developing the Laughter Yoga Leaders Program and the Gympie Get Ready  Resilience Toolkit conitines to be validated. 


1. The Peace Begins at Home event has become a Case Study for the Department of Communities and a DVD of the Event is currently being edited;


2. Laughter Yoga is currently a weekly event, which is soon to become twice per week in Gympie and once a week in Buderim. Being invited to facilitate intro sessions at community events are also becoming frequent occurances.


3. The Resilience Toolkit has been well received with waiting lists being collated for those requesting the print version, when it becomes available. The Kit has been recognised by Red Cross for its content, layout and overall comprehensiveness. 


Meeting with Michael Cullen from Volunteering Queensland’s Round Table Extend Program promises to broaden the resilience discussions into the Business sector, while Jamie's Ministry of Food promises to broaden messages of food security and resilience accross community as well.


All in all, the diversity of our current programs and the energy being created in the community is electric and really quite exciting to be able to be able to be a part of.


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