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CRW Supports June's Women's Wellness Day
28 Jun 2012
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 Over 100 women and 40 health practitioners participated in June’s Women’s Wellness day at the Gympie Civic Centre organised by Wendy Jakeman and Lesley Edwards. 

Starting the day off with a Laughter Yoga session, helped ease ladies into their day of pampering and relaxation.  Medical practitioners were also on hand for the first time at this event to conduct blood pressure and BMI testing. The Cancer Council, Diabetes and Breast care educators among others presented information throughout the day, and guest speakers shared some words or wisdom as well.

The Gympie Get Ready program was well received with about 70 Resilience Toolkits given out on USB, with another 27 participants leaving their names and addresses to request a hard copy to be sent to them when available.  Over 100 Get Ready Gympie Show Bags given out were also well received.

The CDEI program paid for the room hire, the printing of materials, the catering and a few small gifts for the practitioners who had volunteered their services at several of these events and will continue to do so.     

The beautiful healing energy created at these events is unable to be captured either verbally or digitally.  Suffice to say, the benefits were noticeably palpable by all present.   

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