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The Photography of David Lundahl
29 Jun 2012
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From "Contemporary (Rural) Art: You Can't Make That Here":

Wrote The Art of the Rural Editor Matthew Fluharty of photographer David Lundahl:

"The story of Mr. Lundahl's art and life can't really be put into one paragraph, but, as an introduction, here it goes. Mr. Lundahl's art, and his choice to live in rural Wisconsin, all speak to his lived experiences. He contracted polio as a boy in the 1950's and has worn a leg brace ever since; his family were prominent executives in John Deere; he came of age in the heady years of the late 1960's and decided to set out on his own path...

"But part of the story here is New Light Studios, the dilapidated farm that Mr. Lundahl rebuilt, largely by himself. Despite his restricted mobility, he reroofed and refloored the barn and completely rehabilitated the house and other buildings. Thus, an abandoned dairy farm became a place for people to come and visit and make art: the silo contains musical instruments, the barn is floored to accomidate dance performances, one room in the house is covered in three layers of white shellac to make it an overwhelming space for music-making, a modified shed is a welding studio and the corn silo is affixed with a level of decks leading all the way to the top – so that one can watch the sunset or just read a book 100 feet in the air.

A much more thorough commentary on Mr. Lundahl's work and its relevance in the conversation regarding rural art is to be found here

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