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Simon Crean - National Arts and Health Forum
30 Jun 2012
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Arts Minister Simon Crean's Presentation to the National Arts and Health Policy Forum, Parliament House Canberra - 27th June 2012.

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Velvet Eldred Sun, 1 Jul 2012 7:58am

Well being an arts and health worker of 20 years, I cried. What a relief. Having worked largely in isolation and grants driven programs( with differently abled people and people experiencing mental health challenges, out in Indigenous communities of FNQ) my hope and dream is to create sustainable programs. Thank oyu for this conversation on a National Level-yee haa..

Neal price Sun, 1 Jul 2012 10:46pm

Yes, Velvet, nice to see you engaged in the conversation. Wouldnt it be great if Artsworkers had a policy framework to approach health and art agencies with and to use as a guideline. It's fantastic that The Arts and Health Foundation has gotten the discussion this far and im looking forward to seeing what eventuates.


Melissa Robertson Sun, 1 Jul 2012 1:42pm

I too felt my world shift significantly.  We have all sat around many a table talking these words, seeing the results for ourselves, convincing others/organisations that ccd arts practice will tick their many boxes.  So to finally have a person in a position to make affect and to have a genuine, personal connection to time impact of this work, verbalise this and inspire a whole advocacy action around it - I can't thank Simon Crean enough for the bravery to take this forward.  And thank you Feral Arts for applying (creatively) the technology to pass it on.  Can't wait to hear rest of Forum.

S Bates Mon, 2 Jul 2012 10:14pm

Since you have already included a video with sound, can we add captions or an Auslan translation?